Volunteer Doctors

Volunteer Doctors

Irish Community Rapid Response (ICRR) is a charity delivering professional pre-hospital A&E care, through a network of volunteer doctors, directly to the site of emergencies throughout Ireland.

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Volunteer Doctors

Moving into 2018, ICRR will now have over 250 volunteer doctors as part of its network. The Volunteer Doctors network is in partnership with UCD Centre for Emergency Medical Sciences MERIT 3 programme. These doctors respond in their own localities, either on foot or in their own vehicles, to serious life-threatening calls. The interventions these doctors can perform can be critical for the patients outcome.


When a person calls 999 or 112 regarding a serious medical emergency, if an ICRR Volunteer Doctor is available in the area, they respond to provide medical care to those in need. ICRR works with, and in support of the frontline emergency services.

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