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Text FLIGHT to 50300 to donate €4

Text costs €4. ICRR will receive a minimum of €3.60. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076 6805278  


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Text ALIVE to 50300 to donate €2

Text costs €2. ICRR will receive a minimum of €1.80. Service Provider:
LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076 6805278.

Where Donations Go


will pay for a minute of Air Ambulance fuel


will buy a box of 100 latex gloves


will buy breathing and airway equipment for a child


Will buy one stethoscope


Will buy defibrillator pads for someone in cardiac arrest


Average cost per ICRR Air Ambulance mission

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Fundraise For Us

  • Fundraise For Us
  • Fundraise For Us

    Fundraising for Irish Community Rapid Response is a brilliant way to support us and keep our teams on the ground with your special ideas. As our charity relies heavily on donations in order to operate, each and every fundraising event is invaluable to making Irish Community Rapid Response – By Land and Air (ICRR) happen. Your support means our teams can continue to save lives.

    Fundraise For Us

Donate To Us

  • Donate To Us
  • Donate To Us

    Your donations means everything to us. With your help, our Volunteer Doctors can save lives, and get us ever closer to ‘Lift Off’ with our dedicated Helicopter Emergency Medical Service!

    A donation of just €5 can provide a blanket for a paediatric patient, €50 can buy a doctors stethoscope and €150 can supply defibrillator pads for our AED’s.

    Donate To Us

Volunteer for us

  • Volunteer for us
  • Volunteer for us

    We need your help! We are actively looking for fundraising volunteers to support our mission – If you’re interested in getting involved in this way, email your expression of interest to and talk to our Volunteer Manager about how you can help!

    Volunteer for us

Tell Your Story

  • Tell Your Story
  • Tell Your Story

    We would love to hear about your ICRR experience. Whether you have been the beneficiary of treatment by a Rapid Response doctor, or have witnessed a medical event involving ICRR, or you yourself are an ICRR medical volunteer, your firsthand account is vital to informing the public of our service and educating our readers. Please be assured that at ICRR, we respect your privacy and will not publish your story or any personal details without your written consent.

    Tell Your Story

Your Story

  • A Biker’s Story

    “I packed my motorbike and I set out for a relaxing spin from Waterford to Valentia. I’d gone ahead to buy new motorcycle boots in Cork and was planning on meeting my friends on the way, when suddenly, I found myself in big trouble. When I left home, I never thought I’d spend the morning in a helicopter going to hospital; I’d been involved in a motorbike accident with some life changing injures, thankfully someone called 999, and tried to comfort me from the pain. I was lucky that within minutes, the ICRR Air Ambulance was hovering overhead I could not believe how fast it all happened then the ICRR Air Ambulance quickly brought me to CUH, and after a month in hospital I could go home.

    It could have been so much worse, as a biker, we’re so vulnerable and reliant on other road users to be vigilant but I’m so grateful to ICRR for helping me when I really needed it.  Now they need us, it could be you they help tomorrow or a family member, so donate now”.

  • Thank God for ICRR

    “While preparing tea for my grandkids, six-year-old Amy and eighteen-month-old Rory, I left them for a moment to answer the front door. Just as I was about to open the door, I heard screaming from the kitchen. Rushing back in I could see that Amy had toppled the chip pan of boiling oil onto Rory, who was now in horrific pain. The ambulance was called, but had a voluntary doctor not arrived first to intervene and treat Rory in those first critical minutes, we now know that the baby would not have survived. The doctor then drove Rory with his Rapid Response vehicle to meet the ambulance. Together they rushed him to the hospital while administering advanced life support care all the way. Such care is normally only available in a hospital environment. After many months in hospital, Rory is now back with the family.  Thank God for ICRR, its volunteer doctor and the ambulance service”

  • Our son is still with us

    “I was leaving for work one morning as I had always done, but on this particular morning, running late, I rushed out to the car, turned the ignition and began to reverse out the driveway. Unbeknown to me, my five-year-old, Jack, had run out to say goodbye. What happened next is any parent’s worst nightmare. I heard the screaming and jumped out. I cannot even begin to describe the horror of what I saw. I had backed over my own son. The ambulance was called and though only twenty minutes away, the extra journey to the Centre for Excellence Hospital would take yet another hour’s drive. A volunteer Rapid Response doctor arrived on the scene and intervened with skills and trauma experience normally available only in a hospital setting. Thanks to the efficient chain link between the National Ambulance Service, the Rapid Response doctor and the hospital, our son is still with us.  Jack is back at school and our family cannot express enough gratitude”

  • Encounter with a Bull

    “I was feeding my cattle late one evening, as I would have done each and every evening. On this particular evening, I was unaware that a bull in the field next to me had escaped. The animal approached so fast that the next thing I knew, I was impaled and ended up with serious life-threatening injuries. My son had meanwhile gone searching for me after I hadn’t returned and found me semiconscious. He called for help immediately. The ambulance was delayed as it was already involved in another event in the locality. The volunteer Rapid Response doctor who was on the scene first stabilised me by giving me appropriate levels of pain relief. I was transported by the Ambulance Service along with the accompanying doctor on the long journey to the closest Centre of Excellence hospital. Thankfully, the outcome was good and today I’m back on my tractor though more vigilant than ever before of local livestock.” – Tom

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