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Ireland’s first dedicated charity-funded Helicopter Emergency Medical Service

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About the ICRR Air Ambulance

Building on our experience and success providing pre-hospital care for hundreds of communities across Ireland over the last decade, ICRR have expanded to provide Ireland’s first dedicated and charity funded Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS).  Operating from our base at Rathcool Aerodrome in North Cork, the ICRR Community Air Ambulance provides a vital lifesaving service, offering fast access to advanced clinical interventions at the roadside by highly trained pre-hospital emergency care medical personnel.


ICRR’s Community Air Ambulance is tasked through the 999/112 system as part of the national emergency response framework, bringing those highly trained medics, right to the casualty.  Most critically, the ICRR Air Ambulance can bring the casualty to the hospital that best suits their life saving needs, not just the closest geographically.  From our base in North Cork, the ICRR Charity Air Ambulance can put a 25,000km2 area within 20 minutes of emergency medical care.   ICRR is delighted to provide this service in partnership with the National Ambulance Service.

ICRR serves to ensure that the

Right people are in the Right place at the Right time with the Right equipment and the Right skills to achieve the Right outcome


ICRR Helicopter Radius map

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