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Our son is still with us

“I was leaving for work one morning as I had always done, but on this particular morning, running late, I rushed out to the car, turned the ignition and began to reverse out the driveway. Unbeknown to me, my five-year-old, Jack, had run out to say goodbye. What happened next is any parent’s worst nightmare. I heard the screaming and jumped out. I cannot even begin to describe the horror of what I saw. I had backed over my own son. The ambulance was called and though only twenty minutes away, the extra journey to the Centre for Excellence Hospital would take yet another hour’s drive. A volunteer Rapid Response doctor arrived on the scene and intervened with skills and trauma experience normally available only in a hospital setting. Thanks to the efficient chain link between the National Ambulance Service, the Rapid Response doctor and the hospital, our son is still with us.  Jack is back at school and our family cannot express enough gratitude”



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